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Write a letter to a stranger!

Awhile back, I touted the benefits of writing a letter to a complete stranger in this post. Writing to someone who does not know your situation in life can be freeing, and usually allows you to be more honest than you would be with even your closest confidants. As I mentioned, when Franz Kappus wrote to Rilke, he claimed that his thoughts flowed unbidden, unlimited by what he thought he knew of himself. I don’t know if any of you have written your own letters to far-off corners of the world since my post on the subject, but if the thought of paying for postage or snooping for random addresses in Tahiti gets you hot and bothered, I have an alternative suggestion.

Write a letter to your future self!

The organization futureme.org allows you to draft a letter to be sent to your email address on the date of your choosing, and even allows you to include a personal photo. You can choose to make your letter private or public, “public” meaning it can be viewed by anyone who stumbles upon the website. I’ve been perusing through some of the public letters, and they’ve inspired me to put up a new challenge: even if you did not participate in my letter-to-a-stranger event, consider Future Me as a kind of therapeutic spa day for your Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present, and give it a shot!