A few months ago, I stumbled upon this blog, a writer discussing writing with other writers. I’ve specifically linked her post on writer’s block because of one of the comments (I don’t actually know how I ended up reading the comments on a post), by Evan72, on how he handles that dreaded blank page:

As for how I deal with the beast, I’ve been putting off writing a post on this very subject. I’ve never heard of authors doing what I do, but I visualize my writer’s block. What that means is that I draw him. He actually materialized one day when I was just doodling–I got a triangle, and out of it he was born. His name is Saul. So what I do to cope is that I draw him, and on the back of the paper I write out a contract with him to wait until revisions. I sign my name and assume he would want me to sign his, and thus far that’s been very helpful.

So, thanks Jodie for starting the battle, and thanks Evan for the method of combat. Yesterday, I finally decided to tackle the monster, and here he is (He only got a mustache because my students just picked up on the mustache trend and, luckily, find it absurd):


After drawing, I sat down to read some of my favorite poems, edited a few of my works-in-progress, and then, finally, sat down to write an entire page. I don’t know if it was Jodie or Evan or some accomplished poets or even my monster Maurice who inspired me, but I’m glad to say I’m back in the swing of things.


PS some of my photos were just acknowledged on Toemail, which features photos of…get this…feet! It’s pretty fun, so check ’em out.