Having taken a particular interest in my adopted town’s namesake…well, this review actually speaks for my entire experience in Troyes, France and with 12th century French litetature: beffudlement, amusement, acceptance, enjoyment.


The Story of the Grail (Perceval) by Chrétien de Troyesarthurian romances

The story

Don’t be intimidated by the fact that The Story of the Grail was originally a 12th century French poem. Let us focus on how there are many prosaic (and English) translations of the tale, making it very accessible. Don’t ignore that it is just one of many other Arthurian legends that can be enjoyed. And yes, they are very much about glory, codes of honour and pretty maidens.

What makes The Story of the Grail different then? For a start, it follows the parallel adventures of two knights – Perceval and Gawain; one a naïve country boy, and the other is a seasoned fighter. Perceval is still at the stage of hanging on his mother’s every word, and Gawain is apparently an expert in all he does.

Excited yet? Here’s the twist. It is not the story of the…

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